Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hester's Blog Posting

A note I received today from Hester Hill Schnipper, a wonderful social worker at our hospital:

I am sending this to alert you to a new venture that I have undertaken. Revolution Health is a new website, founded by Steve Case, the man who began AOL. I have agreed to serve as the Breast Cancer Advocate -- which translates to writing a weekly blog, being available for questions and comments, monitoring the online support groups that we hope will flourish.

I am very excited about this opportunity to help create the kind of wonderful support that we have at BIDMC online, making our special brand of help available to women all over the world.

Don't worry: I am not leaving my day job!

Please check it out. I am sure Hester is eager to hear your thoughts. (And, I am really glad she is not leaving her day job.)

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Anonymous said...

Paul, we're thrilled to have Hester and I promise we won't take up too much of her time. We will share. :) -- Dr. Val, Senior Medical Director, Revolution Health