Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Zipper bling!

Stepping way, way away from health care: For the person who has everything, see the pictures above for ZipBling necklaces. Yup, these are really made from zipper pulls. I think they are really neat and surprisingly attractive, and I like that they are often made from surplus materials. My friend Louise makes them in various colors, sizes, and styles. They close with a magnetic clasp. You can contact her at lloewenstein@comcast.net.


Unknown said...

Unrelated to this post. But as a loyal reader of this blog (which I enjoy very much!) I thought this blog post would be of interest to you.


Rich Weissmark

Anonymous said...

That's weird. But cool, I guess. I find that I'm having somewhat of an existential crisis being confronted with so many zipperless zipper pulls.

I prefer this one: http://famousdiamonds.tripod.com/taylor-burtondiamond3.jpg

Unknown said...

I love finding cool stuff like this.

In fact my college roommate started a blog where you would find stuff like this. He now has several writers and thousands of readers a day.

They post 1 interesting thing a day.

And Paul...I'm getting to witness my first JCAHO accreditation survery. They came calling Monday, makes for an interesting week.

Anonymous said...

Neat stuff, Matt. Thanks for the link.

Letus know how your survey goes, ok?

Anonymous said...

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