Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grand Rounds coming to this blog soon

Nick Genes created the blogging version of Grand Rounds several years ago. He calls it "the weekly rotating carnival of the best of the medical blogosphere." For reference, here is the current edition on Pallimed. I am honored to be asked to host Grand Rounds Volume 4, Number 6 on October 30.

Each week there is a theme, and I have suggested the following one for this week's edition: A personal experience I (or a loved one) had at a hospital and how it caused me to change my behavior or beliefs.

As I rewrite this on Sunday, October 28, it is too late for more submittals. Looking forward to seeing you on October 30.


Trent McBride said...

I could not find an email address here to send the submission to:

Anonymous said...

I had it up for a while. Too late now. Sorry.