Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Generosity in Guatemala

A group of our nurses spent time this summer donating time in a rural mobile clinic taking care of, well, anybody who needed help. Here is a picture of them setting up the clinic in one Guatemala village. This is part of a program called Jungle Medic Missions run by a couple named Bryan and Riechelle Buchanan. Here is the journal entry from this particular group of nurses.

When I hear reports from one of our Emergency Department nurses, Nicole, about this program, I am incredibly impressed (again!) by the generosity of our staff in donating their time for this kind of cause. They spend all their professional time here in Boston taking care of sick people, and then they use their vacation time to do the same for those less fortunate. We should also be reminded that, whatever our health care access problems here, there are parts of the world that go for months and longer without having access to medical professionals.

I hope you will join our family in sending financial support to this worthwhile cause.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Levy,

It is great to hear of people taking opportunities like this to help out those less fortunate, especially medical professionals. I spent time in Peru helping clean up a local clinic in Iquitos and the response from the community was beyond words. There is little to no medical attention in some parts of the country; having the opportunity to rebuild a clinic and establish an environment providing good working conditions gave a sense of great accomplishment to those who volunteered. It goes a long way when people volunteer their time for others, but more importantly, it makes a difference in our world. This Guatemala story is great, I enjoyed reading it!

Joseph Serra