Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bill's donuts, and more

One of my favorite authors writes, in anticipation of Super Tuesday:

Amidst the endless debating, debacles, and the super duper dissing, it’s easy to forget that even politicians must eat.

I therefore urge you to read this fun little piece I’ve written for It probably won’t help you decide who to vote for, but you might learn something you never knew about our hungriest presidents. Bon appétit!

This reminds me, by the way, of an important and cogent piece of advice (please excuse the vernacular) all candidates should be given when running for office, "During a campaign, never miss an opportunity to eat or pee, because you never know when you will have your next chance and it can be a really, really long day."


Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a column. Can't believe I didn't know that about Ike. Good stuff there.

KERaven said...

That's a guiding principle of surgical residency.

Anonymous said...

Also, all politicians should take advice from your past posts and bring some alcohol hand gel with them.

Star Lawrence said...

I blogged how Bill Clinton drinks 1.5 gals of water a day--
That peeing thing is good advice.