Monday, January 14, 2008

How to vote on

No, this is not about hanging chads. I've talked to friends who say they have voted on for their choice of best blogs, but they have often done it wrong. If you just click on the name of the blog on the homepage or above the "ballot" on the voting pop-up page, it does not record as a vote. (In fact, all it does is to send you over to that website.)

To record a vote, you actually have find the page with the green ballot by clicking on the Medical Blog Awards trophy on the homepage and then clicking on the Please vote here link. Then put your cursor on the "hole" next to the blog of choice, click to leave a dot, and then click again on the bigger "vote" button, for your vote to be recorded.

So, regardless of your choice of candidates, if you did it wrong, you might want to return and vote again.

As I mentioned below, I would be honored to have your vote, in either or both categories: Best medical weblog or Best health policies/ethics weblog.


Anonymous said...

A note from another nominee:

"I know. Some are even posting their vote as a comment at the bottom of the post. Oy...

"And we're trying to revolutionize healthcare with IT solutions?"

Anonymous said...

You have my vote! I work for another local hospital and I sing your praises every week to my co-workers. I'm a huge fan of your blog and I draw a lot of inspiration from your forward thinking approach to running your business. Now if I could just muster up the courage to convince my CEO to communicate like you do!