Monday, January 14, 2008

Pack up your troubles

From my friend John:

"I hope you are like this 109 year old Australian woman and are still blogging at 109 years old."

As you dig down into the site, check this link to hear and watch Olive sing "Smile, Smile, Smile". It is marvelous, especially the repeat halfway through the clip.


Jean said...

I must admit that I couldn't help watching the clip several times today, in the midst of the million things on my does make you smile for sure on this otherwise awful snowy day.

I don't know about living as long as 109 years...probably not a chance with our healthcare system today .... but nevertheless it's just a wonderful idea to "pack up your toubles and smile".

Thank you, President Levy.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to view the one about her son Barnie's earache for a tale about healthcare in her youth -- and what she had to go through to get it.