Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who's on first

A true story about cultural competence related by my friend Ed, who spent some time on a low budget trek through northern Africa after graduating from college in the 1970's.

While in Algeria, he met a young man who asked, "What is your name?"

Ed replied, "I am Ed."

"Really?" said the young man, "Ahmed is my name, too!"

"No," said Ed, "I AM Ed!"

"Yes, Ahmed!" replied the other.


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Anonymous said...

glad to know my old man's stories continue to get good laughs! honora

Anonymous said...

We now rejoin our originally scheduled program, "Running a Hospital."

Anonymous said...

Do I havta?

Unknown said...

He must have been from the South. Too funny! Unfortunately, misunderstandings are all too common and sometimes lead to mistakes in medical care. Nice blog!