Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What about the other bugs? Every day . . .

Isn't is odd, as noted below, that a norovirus outbreak causes health care workers to wash their hands, while the pervasive existence of the normal strains of bugs in hospitals -- some far more dangerous -- doesn't seem to be as persuasive in convincing people to use proper hand hygiene?


Mark Graban said...

On the subject of safety and quality, are you going to comment on the "checklists" controversy?

Link to a Boston Globe blog on it

Anonymous said...

How about the fact that most lay people don't even know how to properly wash their hands? Or the fact that hand sanitizers not only fail at killing most viruses but actually increase disease susceptibility. BTW: some institutions now use these products for surgical scrub in - Thanksfully not ours.

Anonymous said...

CBS News March 22, 2009
Health Care Workers Battle Super Bugs