Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How we spend our time

The New York Times posted this terrific interactive graphic on how Americans spend their day. Click on the different categories to explore groups within the population. I think the "computer use" category is probably understated, in that a lot of it is within other categories (like "work") or more and more simultaneous with others (like "TV" or "socializing"). Of course, there are those who also insist on texting while driving. I don't know how that is accounted for, but I wish they would stop.


Annie said...

Fun link! I certainly agree about computer use; I'd be interested to see a graph related to actual computer time, both for work, socializing, and other activities. After reading the recent study about the relationship between screen time and high blood pressure in children, I'm a little concerned about my own screen time.

REKording said...

I am amused that those with a only a high school education seem to have more balance in their work/home time. All you educated folks work too hard.

REKording said...

Paul, one more thing. The intexticated should pull over before they stop!