Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughtful views on hospital infections

Sharon B. Wright, MD, MPH, Director of Infection Control/Hospital Epidemiology at our place, sent me this note back in March:

I was at the national hospital epidemiology meetings about 1.5 weeks ago and was talking with some of my colleagues about your blog. Seems like they went back to their institutions and thought up what I think is a great idea – starting our own blog about thoughts on current controversies in infection control.

Well, the group has kept it going, and the blog is very good. I think many would find it of interest, so here's the link to Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention.


Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Levy,

I was very interested by your comments in an article about fighting hospital-acquired infections.

As the son of someone who contracted a life-threatening case of MRSA after a hospital stay, I'm very concerned about finding her a hospital that has standards like the ones used at Beth Israel Deaconess and Pacific Hospital in Long Beach.

Do you (or anyone else reading this blog) know of a way to find hospitals that have adopted tough hospital-related infection-fighting standards? Is there some sort of a list of them or certification that they share?

Thank you for any information.

Anonymous said...

Not that I know of, but others may have thoughts.