Saturday, August 22, 2009

A surgeon's story: The sequel

Jim Hurst, who's story you read below, was honored last night at Fenway Park. A group of nurses from the TSICU paid him a surprise visit.


catsandmusic said...

Do you think those wonderful nurses could administer some of their magic to the Red Sox----they seem to be in need of resuscitation.

Jim Hurst said...

That moment was overwhelming. After we walked out on the field, I heard this commotion along the first base side. It was only after it would not stop that I casually glanced over. No matter what happened after that, my night was made. That group, with the exception of one young man, is the group of nurses and respiratory care practitioners who took care of me. WOW! Talk about a total surprise.

mereeliza said...

Dr. Hurst, you are the absolute best. As a former nurse in the BIDMC OR, I had the pleasure of working with him on a weekly basis. The relationship between surgeon and circulating nurse is always and interesting one and Dr. Hurst is totally respectful with staff and patients. What a CLASS ACT. I miss the BIDMC general surgery team. I hope your recovery continues to be a positive one!
God Bless
Meredith Perry