Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You are so right, Joe!

A note from Joe Castro, manager in our trauma program:

I wanted to share several pictures with you that capture the beautiful gardens that surround the West Campus. The one above is of Michael Trzcinski and James Robblee – two of the many maintenance crew members responsible for keeping the medical center looking great! I see them often about the campus – always busy in the discharge of their duties. I told them what a great job they have consistently done to keep BIDMC looking good throughout the calendar year.

What you don’t see in these pictures are the MANY patients and visitors who take notice of the flowers. I walk between the Lowry building and the west campus buildings several times during the day. On countless occasions I see people react to colorful plantings either by taking pictures, stopping to smell the flowers, or simply sitting amongst them as a form of respite while taking a break from visiting a family member admitted to the ER or inpatient wards.

Michael and James spoke highly of the support given to them by their department heads, further mentioning the commitment of the medical center to maintain the quality and variety of the flower beds and their aesthetic value. Theirs is a job well done and I wanted to take this moment to ensure that these gentlemen, as well as others within their department, get the credit that they truly deserve!


Jerry said...

Great stuff, and an essential step towards taking the hard edge off of the stressful hospital experience.

When I was at the Children's Hospital, I saw the same at the Prouty Garden/courtyard.

Michael and James, and others who share their efforts, are doing some really important work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jerry. I agree about Prouty Garden, an oasis in the Longwod area.

Anonymous said...


Luckily *knocking on wood*, I've never had a need to visit any of your facilities. But after reading this blog for a while, and now seeing these pictures, I should come by just to take a look.


PS> I actually printed the chocolate chip cookie recipie, and when I have time, I'm going to see if I can convert it down to a more "family size".

Anonymous said...

...or just come by the cafeteria and buy one.

Lachlan Forrow, MD, FACP said...

And one of the wonderful things about Michael is that for years, every time I pass him, he greets me w. a warm smile. It brightens my day and is infectious, as warm smiles usually are. That's one of the most important dimensions of BIDMC Spirit -- not just warm and fuzzy, but a source of energy that helps all of want to do good work.

Thanks, Michael, and thanks Paul for featuring him.


Anonymous said...

That would be easier, wouldn't it.


RalfLippold said...

I guess during my last days here in Boston I have to check this beautiful garden out.

Seems to that the real precious thing are well below the surface early in the process;-)

Cheers and thank you to Michae, Paul and the rest of the staff.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Greta, I didn't post your comment for reasons that should be clear to you.