Friday, August 21, 2009

That's one big green bus

Arriving home the other day, I was confronted by this rather large vehicle parked on our narrow street. After a moment's confusion as to why a big bus, green at that, would be parked there, I realized that Ben Gifford must have come home for a visit with his friends.

The Big Green Bus is a project of a group of Dartmouth students. Their philosophy: With a grass roots approach, meeting American citizens one-on-one across the country where they live and work and play, we can prompt individual action and lifestyle changes that will all add up to a difference for the future.

Read more on their website and enjoy the energy and idealism of these young people as they try to make a difference in the country's use of energy. As someone who began my career in promoting energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable resources, I love to see college students engaged in this cause.

By the way, of course the bus runs on waste vegetable oil. The fast food places love to see it arrive, and not just because the vehicle is full of hungry young people!

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