Saturday, January 08, 2011

Achieving Mount Everest

Check out this website, referred by a friend. Every Monday, this young artist posts a new song he has written on this site, accompanied by notes about the music, the lyrics, as well as original art. Look through the site and scroll back to some of the previous songs and art. I hope that you enjoy it. I like the essays and art as much as the music.

He notes:

It is the mission of Mount Everest to blog a new song at 12 noon (e.s.t.) every Monday, thus making songwriting and recording into a practice and transforming listening into a forum. It is the purpose of this site to take chances with new ideas and sounds, to reach out and collaborate with other musicians and artists of all kinds, to reveal the creative process in a public way, and to encourage dialogue between those who make music and those who listen.

The primary goal of Mount Everest is to create constantly and rock all of the time.

Of course, there are links to and presence on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and SoundCloud. What a thoughtful approach in highly distributed and crowded field, especially with the added emphasis on shared creativity. Ideally suited for the Internet world.


Lachlan said...

From facebook:

I love it. Just enjoyed a link to his friend Jonathan Richman's silly but simply beautiful song (beautiful because so "silly"?) from Week 5, a wonderful celebration of Love for Life: "I would refer you to fellow Massachusetts native Jonathan
Richman who sang so lovingly “Have you heard about the painter Vincent Van Gogh who loved color and who let it show?”

Anonymous said...

Very cool, especially the art accompanying week 7. And tell this non local which of the many Boston bridges that is in the fog....

nonlocal MD