Thursday, January 27, 2011

Website for parents

I'm taking a step away from health care for a moment to offer something that might be of interest to parents. One of my former soccer players, Dr. Alexis Lauricella, sends the following note.

But first this question: How can someone who in my mind is 14 be a Ph.D? Of course, as was always the case, I am really proud of her.

Here's the note:

I just wanted to let you all know that I started a website for parents about child development. I have always felt particularly frustrated by the fact that there are very few services and very little information available to help parents become the best parents they can be. This is only the beginning, but I wanted to create a website/resource where parents can learn about basic child development and parenting information. If you know anyone who is a parent, who may become a parent, or in anyway may benefit from basic child development resources (e.g., teachers, nurses, pediatricians, etc) please feel free to pass along this website and the Facebook page (See below for links) and please feel free to sign up yourselves! The website has resources and a few blog posts and I tend to post articles and interesting resources daily on the Facebook page.

PlayLearnParent Website
PlayLearnParent Facebook Page
PlayLearnParent Email: playlearnparent [at] gmail [dot] com
PlayLearnParent on Twitter: ARL@playlearnparent

I would really appreciate help getting this out to people, so please feel free to pass this along to anyone. And thanks to everyone who has already "liked" PlayLearnParent on Facebook or has taken a look at the website!

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Paul Levy said...

From Facebook:

Mary Ellen:

Already liked it...actually LOVE it. Its great for us preschool teachers! And, James's Project is all about safeguarding the first year. One of the cornerstones to achieving that is education and this plays right into that young family and early childhood need.

BTW - since when is early childbood development a diversion from healthcare? It is the foundation of our physical, social and emotional health. Just sayin' :)


This is wonderful. I am ready to read all of her posts right now!