Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Knowledge Matters in the UK

Whilst (hah!) at the IHI Annual Forum Poster Session, I had a chance to meet some delightful folks from the United Kingdom. (See minute 5:25 in the video on that blog post.) Samantha Riley, Head of the Quality Observatory at NHS South East Coast, later wrote me to say:

I thought that you might be interested to see the latest edition of our newsletter - Knowledge Matters. We produce this every two months. It provides a range of articles on measurement, analysis and quality. Back issues of the newsletter can be viewed at this website.

She added,

The next edition will be February. As you will have hopefully seen, we aim for the newsletter to be fun but informative. We do have a very wide circulation across our region (the three counties of Surrey, Sussex and Kent), also across the UK and we have a few international subscribers (which will hopefully increase if you write about
Knowledge Matters on your blog!) The newsletter is produced totally in house by my team - we're now nearly into our fifth year. We started with four pages and the December edition was up to 24 pages!

If people would like to subscribe the best way to get in touch with us it to e-mail quality [dot] observatory [at] southeastcoast [dot] nhs [dot] uk.

Take a look. This is a great example of a locally produced, informative and engaging newsletter. Others may want to consider a similar approach and/or may just want to subscribe to this one.

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Samantha Riley, Head of the Quality Observatory, NHS South East Coast said...

Paul - thanks a lot for featuring us on your blog!

We'd love to hear from anyone who would love to subscribe (subscription is free)