Thursday, January 13, 2011

I just hadn't reached a conclusion

It is not soccer season -- certainly not with a blizzard here in Boston -- but reminders abound. Yesterday, I ran into one of my former players as she was heading home from sledding with a neighbor, and I was reminded of her remark one day during practice in 2009.

Me to 12-year-old girls: I want you to try to remember to think about what you are going to do with the ball before it gets to you. If you wait until it arrives, you will be under too much pressure to do the right thing.

Next: Ball arrives at Margaret's feet, and she boots it away to nowhere.

Me to Margaret: Margaret, you weren't thinking about the ball before it got to you.

Margaret: Yes, I was thinking about it. I just hadn't reached a conclusion.

Management lesson. People think at different speeds.


Alexis said...

Perfect response!

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Mary Ellen said...

Interesting how this 12 yr old is able to succinctly and honestly answer the question you posed to her. She has not only self-awareness but is answering transparently.

Rewind to your post a few days ago (which I just saw this morning) where you queried physicians and patients on disclosure of medical errors that would/did not cause harm. Of the three responses two sent you to other articles but did not answer.

Makes me wonder, when is it or what is it that shifts the human condition from understanding all that matters is the truth to all that matters is me?

I hope Margaret can hold onto her strength of character.