Sunday, June 10, 2012

Educate the young, regulate the old.

#TPSER8 This post's title is a quote from Dave Mayer, who, with Tim McDonald, is running the eighth annual Telluride Patient Safety Roundtables and Summer Camps.  Several dozen residents from around the country are invited to Colorado to focus on this year's theme: “The Power of Change Agents: Teaching Caregivers Effective Communication Skills to Overcome the Multiple Barriers to Patient Safety and Transparency.”  I am here as an invited member of the faculty, thanks in great measure to Shelly Dierking, whom you have previously met as the director of a terrific residency quality and safety program in Denver.

You can read the origin of Dave's quote on this new blog of the same name.  It is a good story.

The organizers have set forth clear learning objectives for the sessions.  By the end of the Patient Safety Summer Camp, residents will be able to:

1 -- Give an in-depth presentation that provides at least three reasons why open, honest and effective communication between caregivers and patients is critical to the patient safety movement and reducing risk in healthcare.

2 -- Utilize tools and strategies to lead change specific to reducing patient harm.

3 -- Implement, lead and successfully complete a Safety/QI project at their institution over the next twelve months.

Tracy Granzyk, who is helping to run the sessions, sent this message out to the participants:

As the week will be filled with thought provoking conversation and sharing of ideas unlike any other medical meeting, one aim of our efforts is to help the healthcare community participate by capturing pivotal moments and sharing them through social media. As such, we will be blogging throughout the week at Transparent Health: Keeping Patients Safe and Tweeting via hashtag #TPSER8 as well!

I am sorry my readers won't be here to enjoy the scenery, but I hope you will decide to join in electronically.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow soccer referee dealing with charming kids and parents who should know better, 'educate the young and regulate the old' sure has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

I assume that "old" is defined as anyone who disagrees with the anointed ones. Dr. Mayer didn't coin this expression. He borrowed it from the Bolsheviks to whom "regulate" meant "kill."