Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Yo Tarzan, make mine Janes

Meg Wirth, of Maternova, whom you met in my description of Health Foo, writes about:

. . . a fellow social entrepreneur, Sharon Linder.  She has designed Janes-- the antidote to uncomfortable, scratchy, undignified, not meant for women, johnnies!

They are specifically designed for women undergoing  a mammography or other kinds of breast procedures!  I love the idea because they are truly patient-centered--patient-empowering/patient-comforting.
Here's the link to Janes, which has a great tagline:  "Gotcha covered."   I also like the introduction to the site:

john· ny [n]: An uncomfortable, immodest patient gown with a rear opening that leaves you exposed and feeling vulnerable.

janes [n]: a comfortable, dignified patient gown with a front wrap opening that leaves women feeling protected and secure.

A great option for hospital administrators to consider.

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