Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Effective Communication Videos from CIR

#TPSER8  As I mentioned earlier, CIR (the SEIU Committee of Interns and Residents) has been a strong supporter of the Telluride Patient Safety Camp, sponsoring attendance by residents from a number of locations.  But CIR also has a much broader agenda in promoting a better patient quality and safety environment in the hospitals in which its members work.

One aspect of that improved environment is to promote evidence-based patient communication skills for physicians.  In that light, they have produced two videos on motivational interviewing and patient-centered interviewing.

Conference attendees Justin Wood and Hilary Kunizaki distributed these two videos to all the participants, asking for feedback and suggestions for future efforts in this arena.  I am taking the liberty of spreading their request more widely by presenting those videos here for your review.  Please offer comments below.

The first video features August Fortin, MD (Yale Medical School), and Sheira Schlair, MD (Montefiore Medical Center) on the topic of patient-centered interviewing.  The second video features Jonathan Fader, PhD. on the topic of motivational interviewing.  If you cannot see the videos, click here.

Physician-Patient Communication: Drs. Fortin & Schlair present patient-centered interviewing techniques from CIR/SEIU Healthcare on Vimeo.

Dr. Jonathan Fader Demonstrates Motivational Interviewing Skills from CIR/SEIU Healthcare on Vimeo.

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