Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jumping for joy in Telluride

#TPSER8  We took a break during the Telluride Patient Safety Camp for group pictures.  Seen here are two of the more exuberant groups of residents.  The ones above were sponsored by CIR, the SEIU Committee of Interns and Residents.  In addition to traditional collective bargaining issues, CIR has a major focus on creating a better patient quality and safety environment in the hospitals in which its members work.  Also, it supports education and training to improve the quality of care the members are able to provide to patients.

The ones below were sponsored by COPIC, the major medical malpractice insurance company in Colorado.  In addition to traditional insurance issues, COPIC has a strong presence in the risk management arena, with active participation in state and national initiatives aimed at improving patient safety and transferring this knowledge directly to health care professionals, facilities and hospitals in its communities.

Photos by Tim McDonald

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