Saturday, April 11, 2015

Annual Costs of Care essay contest

It's that time again.  The annual Costs of Care essay contest is accepting entries for $4000 in prizes for anecdotes illustrating the importance of cost-awareness in health care. There are three eminent judges this year:

Leah Binder, President and CEO of the Leapfrog Group
Mark McClellan, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution
Sandra Hernandez, President and CEO of the California Healthcare foundation.

Here's the link with all the rules.

And here's a nice blog post from Neel Shah and Jordan Hammon on the context for all this.  An excerpt:

We decided that there are many capable organizations suggesting good policy, and occasionally we are one of them. But someone also needed to shine a light on this other narrative, the day-to-day opportunities that those on the frontlines of healthcare delivery are seeing in every healthcare facility in every corner of the country. So we made a deal. If you send us your story about how knowledge of healthcare costs at the point of care can help us make better decisions, we will commit to publishing it. The most compelling stories will get a $1000 cash prize. It has to be a real story and you have to be willing to put your name on it. That’s it.

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