Tuesday, April 07, 2015

App to help traumatized children

I was pleased to get this announcement from Larisa Munsch with the Research & Innovation group at Allegheny Health Network.  It's really fascinating. Some excerpts:

A new mobile game app created by Allegheny Health Network mental health professionals and students at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University helps traumatized children by letting them use their tablets or smart phones to practice the life skills they’ve learned in the therapist’s office.

With the tagline “Change how you think; change your life,” the TF-CBT Triangle of Life game is designed to help children age 8-12 better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and move toward a better quality of life. During this game, the player takes the role of the lion in a jungle story, guiding other animals toward more positive experiences and relationships. 
Children who have experienced traumatic events such as physical or sexual abuse, domestic or community violence, the traumatic death of a parent or other significant person, war or bullying, face significant challenges in childhood and adulthood. In childhood they may suffer from nightmares, anxiety, disordered sleep and behavior problems. Research shows that in adulthood they are at significant risk of developing depression, drug and alcohol problems, and poor physical health.

TF-CBT is used by child mental health professionals throughout the state and nation, and around the world, from Arkansas to Zambia.”

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