Thursday, April 02, 2015

In appreciation: David Boyd

There's a reception today on the occasion of David Boyd's retirement from teaching at Northeastern University, celebrating 36 years of service.  Professors come and professors go, but this one is worth noting.

Several years ago, while I was running the hospital, David called and asked if I would address one of his classes.  He teaches leadership to undergraduates, MBA students, and executive MBA students.  This first class had the MBAs.  Well, that was the start of a great relationship.  We both had such a good time, and the students were so engaged, that he kept inviting me back.

David always got exceptional reviews from his students.  Shown above is an outtake from the NU student rating website.  I'm sure I understand the slightly lower grade for "easiness," as he is quite demanding with regard to written assignments, but I not quite sure what one pepper signifies in terms of "hotness!"  In any event, look at these verbatims:

Took his Leadership MBA class and must say he is the best professor I had during the program. He is extremely nice and cares a great deal about his students' well-being. I highly recommend taking him. 

Prof. Boyd is an extremely smart and honest man. I'm a senior and I can honestly say that he is my absolute favorite professor at NU. He's very kind, and will always give you his full attention if you ask him for help or if approach him for any reason. You'll be lucky to have him as a teacher!  

Boyd is a great teacher and a great person. He has a bunch of great stories to tell as well. Try and take one of his classes before you graduate. 

This guy is amazing. I've taken two of his classes, and he inspires me to take more. He is the best teacher that Northeastern has, due to his respect for student opinion, different course work, and easy grading style.  

Prof. knows precisely what he's talking about and is the ABSOLUTE BEST teacher I've had in my 2 1/2 yrs at NU. 

Amazing teacher, really engages his students, and truly loves what he's teaching. DEF take him if you can...  

Professor Boyd was the best professor I have had in my grad school program. He gave nothing but respect to the students and I really learned a lot in his class. 

Professor Boyd was far and away the best teacher I have ever had. He was so excited about teaching and made class extremely interesting, using relevant information to make the material easier to understand.

One of the nicest and most helpful professors I've ever had. Always has a smile on his face and is passionate about what he teaches.  

His insight and genuine concern are evident as this was one of the best classes I have taken. Prof. Boyd is a wonderful professor, and I highly recommend his class. 

There's just not much more that could be said.  I join hundreds of his students in saying that I treasured our times together.

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