Thursday, October 01, 2009

Can you help me find these people?

This is a personal item, but I am asking help from those of you in the social media world. Curt Bakal, chief of radiology at Lahey Clinic, gave me this old paper from our days in the Oceanside (NY) public schools. We had been on a student research team that studied the properties of RNase, as part of a educational program run by the Waldemar Medical Research Foundation in Woodbury, Long Island. Roy Deitchman, vice president for environmental health and safety at Amtrak, another classmate, gave it to him to pass along to me.

By the way, this the first and last bit of medical research that I ever did, but that is another story.

My request is this. I would love to track down the co-authors of the paper and see what they have done in the intervening years. If you know one of these folks or know someone who might know them, would you ask them to please post a comment with a short life history? If we can find all or some, their bios might present an interesting slice of life of the baby boomers generation.


e-Patient Dave said...

Personally I'm relieved that although you were fairly good at sewer repairs, you've stayed out of medical research. :–)

Did you at least google their names? For starters, here's the first Susan Zody I came across, on Facebook - might be the right age group (but she seems to be in a lot better condition than you). And here's a Roy Deitchman on LinkedIn.

Anonymous said...

It's Zodi. But, no I didn't do that. I was hoping to rely on the theory of one or two degrees of separation among my loyal readers.

Anonymous said...

I used and found a Mitchell Bogart who lives at 3 Abbott Ave., Sharon, MA 02067, born 04/52.

MitchB said...

I am this very Mitch Bogart and that information is correct. I didn't follow through in biology, but rather Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT ('73). I am vp of r&d at Rampage Systems, Inc, a 32 person hi-tech printing company I helped found 18 years ago. I am a proud father of 5, grandfather of 4.

I've always loved physics (since Mr Falzone's class) My current fascination is with the incredible but true quantum weirdness, entanglement, non-locality, etc