Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CIMIT advances

The two young men above are Nevan Hanumara and Conor Walsh, Ph.D. candidates in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. You see them here at the current Innovation Congress of CIMIT, being held in Boston. CIMIT is a multi-institutional cooperative venture with the mission of improving patient care by facilitating collaboration among scientists, engineers and clinicians to catalyze the discovery, development and implementation of innovative technologies, emphasizing minimally invasive approaches.

Nevan and Conor work with Professor Alexander Slocum at MIT and Doctors Rajiv Gupta and Jo-Anne Shephard at MGH's Department of Radiology. They came up with a device to help interventional radiologists perform soft tissue probe insertions with greater speed and accuracy and reduced complications and physician strain. They explain more here.

This kind of project research is funded by the CIMIT member organizations, along with federal government and industry sponsors. To the right, you see some of our executive committee members getting a feel for this device.

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Anonymous said...

This collaboration between engineers and medical scientists has some very intriguing possibilities. It is going on at Georgia Tech and Emory Medical school too (I only know because my daughter attends Ga. Tech). The possibilities (both exciting and scary) of nanotechnology with medicine are particularly interesting.