Thursday, October 22, 2009

Journal of Participatory Medicine has its debut

E-patient Dave informs me of a new venture, the Journal of Participatory Medicine, a peer-reviewed open access journal. It is the product of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Here's the lead-in to issue #1, along with other material from the Society:

Our mission is to transform the culture of medicine to be more participatory. This special introductory issue is a collection of essays that will serve as the 'launch pad' from which the journal will grow. We invite you to participate as we create a robust journal to empower and connect patients, caregivers, and health professionals.

This is free, online journal dedicated to documenting how healthcare encourages, supports and expects active involvement by all parties, and leads to improved outcomes. An interdisciplinary publication founded, written, edited, and reviewed by health professionals, patient advocates, and researchers, the journal will explore how participation affects outcomes, resources, and relationships in healthcare; which interventions increase participation; and the types of evidence that provide the most reliable answers.


e-Patient Dave said...

Thanks! The press release fully describing the purpose of the journal is here.

Anonymous said...


Your post makes me vaguely uncomfortable, so, no, I won't link to it here.

Laura said...

would you be interested sharing your knowledge at the community for telehealth professionals. Perhaps write a guest blog?
Let me know