Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Honoring CPD

We held a luncheon last week to honor the members of our central processing division (CPD) staff. These are the folks who sterilize, sort, and pack surgical instruments for use in the operating rooms. You have read about some of them before, either for their individual contributions or for their Lean process improvement event.

I am not allowed to play favorites, but I will tell you that this group includes many of my most favorite people in the hospital. They are wise, engaged, thoughtful folks with a great sense of team spirit and a marvelous sense of humor that develops from the technically demanding responsibility that surrounds their jobs.

Here is a slide show that was produced to honor them at the luncheon. I dare you to watch it and not share my affection and appreciation for these very fine people.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad CPD has been recognized. These folks have a very important job here and because they are behind the scenes most don't understand their importance. I have been lucky enough to have a tour of CPD and have seen the great work these folks do.

Good For Them

BID Employee