Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New blog feature coming soon

I am presenting a new feature on this blog on Monday, November 2. I hope you enjoy it, but I am also seeking your involvement now.

Some friends of mine are involved in a new company called BiddingforGood. What EBay brings to the world of auctions in general, B4G brings to the world of charity auctions. It is a consolidator, facilitator, and operator of on-line auctions for charitable causes and organizations.

With the help of B4G and some of the BIDMC staff, I will be holding an on-line auction each month to benefit one of the BIDMC's affiliated community health centers or another health care-related cause. You will have a chance to bid on neat items, knowing that the proceeds go to a worthwhile purpose.

The first auction will benefit BIDMC's owned Bowdoin Street Health Center, a wonderful place providing primary care, specialty care, and many support functions to a section of Dorchester in Boston.

Bowdoin Street Health Center was founded in the Bowdoin/Geneva neighborhood of Dorchester in 1972 by community residents to provide affordable, accessible primary care and public health services. The Bowdoin/Geneva community is a widely diverse population. 43% of the patients served at the health center are African American or Caribbean Islanders and 38% are Cape Verdean, while Latino, Vietnamese, Haitian and Caucasian populations make up the remaining base. The health center has experienced continued growth over the past 36 years, leading to several relocations to larger facilities. The current building opened in 1997, and we now care for more than 10,000 patients through 45,000 visits across a wide spectrum of care. Bowdoin Street also has a long history of working in partnership with residents, businesses and organizations on identified issues of importance to the community. A staff of 70+ employees makes Bowdoin Street the largest employer in the Bowdoin/Geneva area.

Specifically, I am trying to raise money to purchase an ultrasound machine for the health center. This would enable pregnant women to have ultrasounds in the community, rather than having to travel several miles to BIDMC for these screenings. I hope you will like the items I am offering and will bid vigorously for them for this cause.

But, wait, there's more. I mentioned that B4G is a consolidator and facilitator. You have the opportunity to offer items of your own to include in this auction. Just go here and click on the button entitled "Sign in to Donate," provide the requested information, and we'll tell you if your item will be included. (You'll need to consult your tax advisor to assess the tax deductibility of a donation.) Or use the blue Donate an Item button on the right side of this blog.

Sample items that typically do well that I’d love to include in the auction include:

Tickets to sporting events (from season ticket holders)
Tickets to entertainment events
Gift certificates
Weekend get-aways
Bottle of fine wine
Unique experiences
Lunch with a celebrity or a political figure (are you one?!)

This blog has a worldwide audience, so don't think your items have to be based in Boston. On the other hand, I do have lots of Boston-area viewers, so local items are also welcome.

The first auction will run from Monday, November 2 through November 9. I'm planning to run one during the first week of every month.

I hope that you enjoy this new feature and will choose to participate, as a bidder, donor, or both. Please pass along the word to others, too, OK?


Bob said...

Sounds like a great cause (and a great idea!). I look forward to the upcoming auctions!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I bet you could get lots of donated tickets to Washington Redskins games - but then, no one would bid on them! (Sorry, just a bitter fan.) Seriously, this really sounds like a cool idea and looking forward to it!

nonlocal (from guess where??!!)

rlbates said...


Toni Brayer, MD said...

Sounds like a very creative fund-raising plan. If anything is location related (Boston) I'll bid on it too!

Mary T. O'Sullivan RN said...

Thank you Paul, GREAT idea! We all appreciate your efforts over here at Bowdoin Street Health Center.
Our patients and staff will be delighted!!!