Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making stairs fun

Watch this. I love the theory set forth: Can we get more people to use the stairs by making it fun to do?

OK, it's part of an ad campaign for Volkswagen, but who cares?


Annemiek said...

That's good!
Our Sciencenter has musical stairs, it would be fun to have them in other places too.

BG said...

I usually try to take the stairs, though some of them seem to be designed to be so low that it's uncomfortable.

I make an exception for the Porter Square T stop. I do walk up the escalator, but not the whole set of stairs.

(I take the elevator down there,, because I've fallen down the stairs/escalator there, and it hurt.)

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Boston Museum of Science have a set of musical stairs? Perhaps they still do.

MB said...

I think you'll find they did another video answering the question of whether more people will throw their trash into a trash can if it is made fun to do so.

And yes, the musical stairs at the Museum of Science are still in place, anon.

Kim said...

I need those in my house.... : )