Monday, December 07, 2009

Dr. Ship's Speech

If you -- as a health care provider or patient, or someone who knows one -- watch no other video about health care, watch this one of Dr. Amy Ship's acceptance speech when she was awarded this year's Compassionate Caregiver Award by the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center. It is an extraordinary summation of the meaning of compassionate care.


Tom said...

Sirs or Madams (as the case may be),

Have you people ever heard of Bruce Lipton? I am just curious. I know all of you are probably what is called good people, but what if what you are doing is causing more harm than good. I mean, the health industry has a lot tied up in the concept of disease. Look at all the links along the right side of your blog, all of those people would have to get a job if sickness is not real.

I am not necessarily looking to pick a fight here but I am just wondering what the hell is really going on.

Thank you,


Suzanne Dewey said...

A well-timed and poignant example of the kind of caring we all hope to receive when we are patients. Thank you for sharing this graceful acceptance speech.