Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hockey @ Fenway supports The Borum

Will this ever happen again? The last two NCAA championship college hockey teams -- Boston University and Boston College -- play hockey at Fenway Park on Friday night, January 8.

The game is sold out. Sure you can go to ebay, but you can also get tickets here, at our online auction to support the Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center.

Prefer professional teams? Then, bid on the New Year's Day NHL Winter Classic game between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Thanks to the Boston Red Sox for donating both items.


Anonymous said...

Cute article in the WSJ about how these 2 coaches have been rivals since high school:

nonlocal (your resident sports consultant, haha!)

Gary said...

Paul - VERY interested in this item, but there is no info on seat locations...any idea on what they are?

Anonymous said...

I'll try to get the details, but I know they are very good seats, and you won't be disappointed.

Gary said...

Thanks Paul, I am in for it, but would appreciate seat locations if you can get them, helps tell me exactly how high I go...keep up the great work!