Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's time to bid for Sidney Borum

My online auction to benefit the Sidney Borum, Jr. Health Center is now open! There are truly spectacular items this month, perfect for holiday gifts. But also please remember that this is a worthy cause. These doctors and nurses walk the streets of Boston at night to help homeless teenagers and young adults get access to medical care. Let's show how much we appreciate them by bidding often and high!

To tempt you, I'll summarize just some of the items included. Some are local to Boston, but many can be used anywhere:

Two tickets to the sold out Boston College-Boston University hockey game at Fenway Park on January 8.

Two tickets to the January 1 Winter Classic hockey game at Fenway park.

A beautiful, handmade child's quilt by Dr. Ramona Bates. (See a closeup here.)

Tickets to Boston Baroque's Messiah on December 11 or 12.

Tickets to Boston Baroque's New Year's Gala.

A class in wood-burning art and design at the Eliot School in Jamaica Plain.

A baseball signed by 12 Red Sox rookies from the class of 2008 (including Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie, and Justin Masterson.)

A framed photo of Tom Brady, signed by him.

Gift cards galore: $150 for Saks; $50 for L'Occitane; $110 for City Sports; $50 for John Dewar; and $500 to spend at any of 40 locations.

The world's best brownies from Emily's Brownies.

Membership at Equinox to work off the brownies.

A Tamarack DreamAire 5000 home or office air purifier.

A Puma golf bag.

Travel offers in Cambridge, Provincetown, and New Hampshire.

A free consultation on immigration law.

Hours of virtual office assistance from Scratchpad Secretaries.

Inspirational lectures and consultations with amazing people.

Plus jewelry, a leather briefcase, and other gift ideas.

Check here for more.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jessica Lipnack for publicizing this here: http://endlessknots.netage.com/endlessknots/2009/12/shop-at-home-change-a-life.html

And look at this Facebook comment on her blog from Linda Guinee:

"Great post Jessica. Sidney Borum was a friend of mine - I'm always thrilled to see the great things that are taking place in his honor!"