Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Real time progress report on process improvement

#IHI90 "How am I doing?" used to say NY's Mayor Ed Koch, relying on the wisdom of the crowd in various settings to give him feedback. Well, here at the IHI National Forum, we have a real-time status report of how the attendees feel they are doing on a variety of process improvements. Using the IHI's Process Improvement Map as a guide, attendees were asked to place pins saying whether a particular topic was either "the most challenging" (Red) or "where you've had the most success" (Silver).

Mark Graban happened to come by and noted that this is a nice analog representation of the current status of things -- which now, ironically, I present here in digital format.

I photographed a few of the subject areas within the three process categories (leadership, support, patient care). You can see for yourself how this group of health care professionals feels things are going. There is definitely some "clumping" of red and silver stick pins. Maybe the "wisdom of this crowd" will be used by IHI to help set priorities and guide program enhancements over the coming months.


Anonymous said...

What would be even more interesting is for the silver pins to identify themselves so the red pins can ask them how they did it, right at this conference!
I am especially interested that there are some silver pins for the medication reconciliation issue. My impression was that this was problematic for virtually everyone.


Anonymous said...

I love that this was done without a fancy IT solution.

Gayle said...

Love it! It's easy and anonymous! It's honest, direct feedback - awesome!