Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Poster Session at IHI

#IHI09 Sometimes you have to travel far to meet someone from home. Here are Faye Holder-Niles and Linda Haynes from Boston Children's Hospital offering a presentation at the IHI National Forum poster session, where dozens of teams offered stories about quality and safety improvements in their institutions.

Faye and Linda presented a summary of a primary care team approach to advising families and treating children with asthma. Using a combination of interventions (e.g., counseling about drug dosages, HEPA filters for vacuum cleaners, rodent control measures), they dramatically reduced the number of asthmatic incidents for the children in several of Boston's neighborhoods. A subsidiary benefit was a huge reduction in the number of emergency room visits. (Check out those charts behind their heads on the poster.)

Nice work by our neighbors across the street from BIDMC!

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