Saturday, December 05, 2009

Out with the bad air, in with the good

As the cold weather arrives, we all know how to button up our home to reduce energy loss, but sometimes we end up not allowing enough fresh air to enter the house. How to do it without losing lots of heat is the question. An answer is provided by an item in our online auction to benefit the Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center.

Company owner Mark Bernfeld has donated the Tamarack DreamAire 5000 home or office air purification system as an auction item. Here's his description of how it works:

This machine will kill viruses, mold spores and bacteria before entering the home. Every 30 seconds fresh outside air is brought into the home, filtered through an electrostatic precipitation process (ESP) heated (if so desired) and then reverses direction to pull stale inside air out of the home. Using only 15 watts of electricity the air replacement/filtering and cycling operates constantly. Extremely quiet, the DreamAire 5000 uses one 4" duct for bringing air in and exhausting it out of the home. Rated for 1,200 square feet, the DreamAire 5000 will clean the air in an entire home, office or classroom. Attractive LED control panel makes operation simple. Filter cleaning indicator will illuminate when necessary.

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