Thursday, March 04, 2010

Me, here and there

I really enjoy sharing what we have learned about enhancing quality and safety, transparency, and process improvement with health care providers and insurers around the country. But sometimes you just can't arrange to be there in person.

Today, I was invited to talk with board members and senior staff at HealthSpring, a large Medicare Advantage organization serving several states in the South and Midwest. I couldn't get there, so I joined by phone. Here's a picture of "me" presenting to the group.


e-Patient Dave said...

Hmmm, I oughta start offering that as an alternative, too.

Do you ever use a screencast tool, or Skype your famous face?

Anonymous said...

You need to teach me about screencast tools and how they work. Sounds like a good idea. In this case, e.g., I told them what urls to be ready for, and a guy on the scene was clicking through as I talked. It would be good to have one that I could control remotely.

As for Skype, I think most places actually prefer to avoid seeing my face. That seems to enhance their enjoyment of the seminar.

e-Patient Dave said...

The big-money screencaster is Webex. The disruptor is GoToMeeting; the super-disruptor (free) is the annoyingly named DimDim. Free! I've used it successfully with PCs and Macs.

In any case, you sign up and do as you're told, then click the button to share your screen, or just one application. It gets broadcast to everyone you invited, in real time. As you move your mouse, it moves at their end, etc.

It's quick and easy to try.

For small-group meetings it's fine. BUT for a presentation that MUST happen on schedule, bandwidth problems could squelch you, so it's good to have the backup plan - the list of URLs to click through.

A nice modern way to publish a sent of URLs is via Delicious. For instance, here are the links I've collected about how to use Lean A3 documents, as I prepare to participate in Beth Israel's quality improvement retreat next week:

(Speaking of which, BOY am I tickled to be participating in that. What a thrill, to be able to give back to the institution that's done so much for me.)

Anonymous said...

"Go To Meeting" and "WebEx" allow screen sharing and collaboration - you can control the presentation and you can turn control over to others for a time as well. Great for demos, training and the like. Easy to use and web based as well.