Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Real Life Body Book

There is a new book coming out this week. It is called The Real Life Body Book, and is written by Dr. Hope Ricciotti (from BIDMC's Ob/Gyn Department) and Monique Doyle Spencer. You can read an excerpt and pre-order it now.

In the words of one reviewer*:

"I predict this will be the current generation's Our Bodies, Ourselves. The awesome talents of Ricciotti and Spencer are brought to bear on the hardest question of the day: how to provide young women with accurate and helpful health and wellness advice that is interesting and engaging enough to want to read. They have nailed it."

The publisher says,

"When you have questions about your health, you want answers from a trustworthy source. In The Real Life Body Book, a Harvard ob-gyn has joined forces with a humor writer to explain the full range of health issues facing young women today. This comprehensive and authoritative guide focuses on whole body wellness and prevention.... If you’re between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-five and you want the latest facts about your health in a language you can understand, The Real Life Body Book is the go-to resource for keeping your body healthy today and for the rest of your life."

* er, me!


Anonymous said...

From Facebook:

Karla: It's funny... I remember how revolutionary OBOS was in terms of putting out there that women could be a responsible partner in their own health care and managing their bodies. I don't feel it changed well with the times, so I'm excited to see this.

Pharmacy said...

Interesting, I would like collect my copy let see what all topics has been discussed.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ricciotti delivered my daughter (at BIDMC) and helped make the food in our town's schools healthier, so she's got eternal fans in my household. But Our Bodies Ourselves is alive and well for this century and generation and helping improve health and empower women around the world. Check them out at:
I'm going to get my 12-year-old both books!

Anonymous said...

Good plan!

Anonymous said...

Can we make this available in the Friendshop? (please??)

Anonymous said...

Good idea!

Marilyn said...

Paul, I remember being a coed in 1970 at BU in a girls dorm and all of us receiving our newspaper print copy of the original OBOS in our mailboxes one day. Wow-what illicit excitement for a young Irish Catholic girl- we were up all night poring over it!

So, upon your recommendation, I ordered the new book for my much more sophisticated daughter at a women's college. She was looking it over with friends last night!

Marilyn Morrissey

Anonymous said...

Name another hospital whose CEO not only heard of, but actually promotes Our Bodies Ourselves. I love this town.