Friday, March 12, 2010

Not Boston

I was recently in Palm Beach and had occasion to drive my rental car to one of the local restaurants. It was "valet only" parking. As I stepped out of the car, I asked the valet for the ticket, and he said, "No need. It is the only Chevy in the lot."

After dinner, a new attendant was on duty. He asked for the ticket. I said, "It's the Chevy." He said, "I'll get it right away."

I think they were happy to have it off their lot.


Anonymous said...

From Facebook:

Ralf: A nice way to stand out from the masses;-)

Jon: You can't put a price on exclusivity.

Anonymous said...

what kind of restaurant were you eating at, paul?

Anonymous said...

From Facebook:

Eric: Well, there aren't many Chevys in Boston, either. So sad! Someday soon, we will get our health care from overseas too. Rich folks will get theirs from Germany. The rest of us will get ours from China, or maybe India.

Ana: ja ja ja ... great story..!!

Anonymous said...

More from Facebook:

Laura: as long as you weren't at the "early bird special".

Sharon: Funny story. I wonder if there were any bikes valet? prob not. Toto, I don't think you were in Boston...

Marc J said...

It's not only Palm Beach. Some years ago, I drove my rental to an "exclusive" restaurant in Hollywood and gave it to the valet. It, too, stood alone amongst a sea of opulence. When I returned for the car, he took a quick look and said, "Ahh, the silver one." His tact earned a Bentley-size tip.