Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moore helps get more done

I was asked to give the keynote address today at a senior leadership retreat for Sutter Health's Sacramento Sierra Region. Sutter is a community based, not for profit health system.

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has teamed up with Sutter to explore means and methods to transform this multi-centered health care system to the next level of quality, safety, and patient-centeredness. Sutter has already done a lot of good work in these arenas, so the hope is to build on that and explore how to do still better and enhance the likely sustainability of the results.

Pictured here are Michael Dourgarian, a local businessperson who is Chair of the Board of this region of Sutter, and Karyn DiGiorgio, RN, MSN, Program Officer for the Moore Foundation. Not shown is Dr. John Mesic, Chief Medical Officer, who introduced me and has had a lot to do with the broader Sutter effort, and Sarah Marie Miller, who helped organize the retreat.

My job was to tell the story of BIDMC's approach to quality and safety, transparency, process improvement, and patient and family involvement. As always, this prompted lots of good questions and interaction, as people considered what might be drawn from our experience and applied to their own, and as I did so in reverse from their comments.


Unknown said...

Thank you for coming to speak to us today. I thoroughly enjoyed your time and your blog! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

From Facebook:

Rick: Welcome to California! I trust my Sutter colleagues treated you well. SHSSR continues to be a model for starting and maintaining a cadre of patient-centered, evidence based initiatives. I am glad they asked you to be a part of their latest endeavor.

Steve, UK said...

Hi Paul

Do you have presentation we could access with how you see your journey so far?

Anonymous said...

Check our website at under Safety and Quality. There is a lot there.

Look here on this blog and search for Lean, ICU, and other items.

For some current events, look here: