Sunday, March 07, 2010

Senator Kerry informs and learns

US Senator John Kerry joined a BIDMC event last night in Florida to provide an update to members of our community on recent events in Washington regarding the progress of a national health care bill. We were impressed with the extent of the Senator's knowledge on the subject and his commitment to thoughtful legislation, and we were grateful for the time he spent with us.

There was also time for John to meet several of our supporters and doctors. Here, he is briefed by Maine businessman Bobby Monks and BIDMC doctor Dr. Steven Freedman,who have been working together to develop a new patient empowerment and involvement model called "Trust".

Humorous note: Dr. Mark Zeidel, our chief of medicine, jokingly describes Trust as a template for patient-doctor interactions that would enable a husband to offer his wife a full, complete, and detailed summary of his visit with a doctor -- as opposed to the stereotypical summation:

She, "What happened and what did he say?"
He, "It was fine."

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REKording said...

The last thing my wife wants to hear is a complete detailed summary of my doctor visits. She prefers the précis, unless I'm unconscious.