Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mini Mobile Billboard

Adventures in the airports continue: Upon boarding my flight, I came upon a fellow passenger with this new type of mobile billboard. It is a changing electronic message worn on the body. The person was advertising Isagenix, a kind of food supplement called nutritional cleansing.

(I am not offering an endorsement nor otherwise commenting on the efficacy of this product, so please don't submit comments about that. This post is about the medium, not the message.)


e-Patient Dave said...

For SOME reason (I know this will shock you), the application that comes to mind as the biggest seller is.... frat parties and dating bars.

(Mind you, I met Ginny on in 1999, so I can safely claim that I'm an honest results-oriented guy ... of course... ahem.)

Anonymous said...

Transferred from Facebook:

...and how much does she get paid for being a walking billboard?

Xtine: Exactly!


Essentially pretty tacky, but think of the possibilities! Is this an ever-changing (web-enabled) message, or just something that toggles back and forth? The range of possibilities with electronic media is astounding, and this is only a mini example...

REKording said...

Paul, Wonderful. This technology dovetails perfectly with my idea for injecting Truth In Politics. Our Congresscritters could wear them with sponsors in rotation comensurate with their contributions.