Friday, March 04, 2011

JetBlue's Dave in the air

Back in April, 2008, I wrote about JetBlue's use of homesourcing:

The idea is simple and elegant. For some staff functions, those relying mainly on computers and telephone, why not allow people to work from home and avoid the mess of commuting? Also, people who are otherwise tied to home for physical or family reasons can be active members of the workforce and get better jobs if they are permitted to work from home.

We tried a variant of this at our hospital, and while it could not be expanded to the full extent of the reservations assistants at Jet Blue, the concept showed some promise for the health care sector.

Anyway, because of this and other things, I had always admired Dave Barger, JetBlue's President and CEO. What a pleasure, therefore, to run into him on a flight earlier today and have a chance to extend my appreciation in person.

Based on my conversations with the staff, he is very well regarded as a CEO, displaying a real concern and affection for the people who work in all capacities in the firm, and joining in to help out as a flight progresses and on the ground. You see him here with Kiwi flight attendant James Harbour.

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