Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jubilee Project benefit concert

You have seen me post productions here from the Jubilee Project. This is a a non-profit that that harnesses the power of Internet videos and the spirit of philanthropy. As noted by the founders:

- Our mission is to make videos for a good cause.

- Our core value is to partner with those in our communities to help make these videos possible.

- And our hope is that we can create entertaining videos that will empower, enable, and inspire others to do good as well.

Eric Lu, one of the founders, now informs me of a fundraising event in Harvard Square on March 26. Here's the invitation. Bands include: Rooftop Pursuits, Sophia Moon, Courtney Ateyeh & Hilary Reynolds, The Extra Fingers. It looks like fun, and you should order tickets soon, as they are likely to sell out. Details are also available on Facebook.

Addendum: The Jubilee Project added a new video for relief for Japan following the big earthquake there. Here's a message from Eric on that topic, followed by the actual video.

Click here if you cannot see the videos.

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