Thursday, March 10, 2011

Patient and Family Advisors on WIHI

Health Care’s Newest Improvers: Patient and Family Advisors
Thursday, March 10, 2011, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Kristine White, RN, BSN, MBA, Vice President, Innovation and Patient Affairs, Spectrum Health System
Cindy Sayre, MN, ARNP,
Director, Professional Practice and Patient and Family Centered Care, University of Washington Medical Center

Dorothea Handron, EdD, APRN,
Faculty Emeritus, College of Nursing, East Carolina University; Patient-Family Advisor, University Health Systems of Eastern North Carolina

Brandelyn Bergstedt,
Coordinator, Patient and Family Advisor Program, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center

Martha Hayward,
Executive Director, The Partnership for Healthcare Excellence; Founder, Women’s Health Exchange; Member, Dana Farber Cancer Institute Patient Advisory Council

Not that long ago, Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs), where they existed at all, were pretty much concentrated in children’s hospitals. We have these pediatric pioneers to thank for their courage and for laying the groundwork for what’s now becoming a new standard for all hospitals that are serious about patient safety and better patient care.

As PFACs gain traction and acceptance and respect, the myriad of initiatives that their members have undertaken across hospital departments is truly mind boggling. That’s just one reason WIHI Host Madge Kaplan hopes you’ll tune in to the program on March 10. Kristine White, Cindy Sayre, Dorothea Handron, Brandelyn Bergstedt, and Martha Hayward are going to describe what it’s like to engage with board members, be part of teams to redesign physical space, round with health care providers, rewrite educational materials, and much, much more. As leading patient advisors, all five guests also have valuable wisdom to share about what makes for an effective PFAC, what sort of homogeneity and heterogeneity matter, how to establish ground rules for members, and how to become more knowledgeable about quality improvement.

In Massachusetts, the creation of PFACs is mandated through legislation. But the best reason to collaborate with patients and families at your organization is because of the perspective anyone who receives care brings to the table. In other words, the most complete team to drive change at your facility is one that includes patients and families.

To find out why, to add to the picture, or to get some tips on how to start a PFAC, please join this next WIHI. Encourage a colleague or two to sign up as well!

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