Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spreading knowledge that matters

Back in January, I wrote about a great example of a locally produced, informative and engaging newsletter produced by Samantha Riley, Head of the Quality Observatory at NHS South East Coast, and her colleagues. The latest edition has just been published.

There is a nice article by Roger Halliday about self care, with the following introduction:

When people take an active role in managing their health, this tends to lead to them having better health, better experience of care and using fewer healthcare services. This finding seems intuitive and indeed is backed up by a significant body of research. The challenge is how to make this happen. If you are struggling with this challenge, this product may be something to help.

This free to use product gives local commissioners the likely demand for, costs, cost savings and patient benefits of self care education, tailored for their area. It makes the business case for you and indicates the best value spend on this theme given local circumstances. It uses the latest national and international research combined with local data, though you can change the assumptions to explore options.

Again, I offer it as an example of the good work that can come out of a dedicated cadre of people seeking to improve the quality of care and the work environment at a hospital.

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