Sunday, August 07, 2011

Coffee ice cream at Dresser Hill

It is midsummer and time for a visit to Dresser Hill, my favorite ice cream stand.  About a year ago, I wrote to tell you about a Camp Wamsutta reunion. One memory we discussed was about our counselors, who would go out at night and return with cups of ice cream from this dairy farm down the road.

So, of course, I return whenever I can.  The farm is situated on the top of a hill in Charlton, with a view that extends for miles to the west overlooking the Quinebaug Valley.  It is indeed unusual to have such an expanse.

The place has a long history, with lots of participants.  Here's one from this review page:

Dresser Hill Put 100 Pounds on Me
 I have been going to Dresser Hill since my Mother milked cows by hand and put the steel milk cans in the back of her caddy and delivered it to Arthur! I was about five, and my favorite memory was the day I could finally eat a whole banana boat. Arthur was so tickled, all my banana boats were free that summer! I still have a couple of them in my back pockets!

The portions, as suggested by this reviewer and as you see in this warning, are very large.  I go for the kids size, which is "only" one large scoop.

My favorite back in those camp days was coffee ice cream.  Dresser Hill carried a particularly creamy variety, with an excellent coffee taste.  Also, the color was a nice light shade of tan.  Some nights, I would eat a pint (480 cc's) of the stuff.

I am pleased to report that the ice cream is the same as it was back then.  The first lick brings back memories of a group of boys, sitting quietly in their beds, spooning ice cream, and listening to the crickets of early August outside the screen windows of our cabin.

The coffee ice cream is the same!


maxine said...

Do you remember frozen custard at Revere Beach, there is a place in Beverly that has the recipe. heaven.

Marty Sleeper said...

Paul- as always-you bring it all back in a wonderful way. I've been re-living in my mind the Wamsutta camp weeks- as I do every summer. And we would now be in the 6th week...when cabins would be scheduled for a "truck trip with Marty" -- which meant I would put 8 kids in the back of the pickup truck and take them through the back roads of South Charlton to Dresser Hill for ice cream. Could not imagine doing that today -- but it sure worked back then.

By the way, the "Arthur" referred to in the review is Arthur Maynard who owned the Dairy. (His brother Robert owned the farm.) Arthur Maynard also had the contract to provide the 4 or 5 school buses that served Charlton and on which I rode.

Chris M. said...

Great post! We also used to make trips to Dresser Hill from the Eliot P. Joslin Camp for boys with diabetes in Charlton (formerly run by the Joslin Diabetes Center). We would walk all afternoon to the ice cream stand to learn how to balance food with exercise (and insulin) to control our blood sugars. We always got the kids' size too - some of my favorite memories! Thanks for bringing me back.

Paul Levy said...

We used to play baseball from time to time against the Joslin camp kids!

Warren said...

Oh yes, I recall those treasured pick-up rides to DHF. It was the 1950s and little did we know that it was still the era of "simpler" times. Today, although the farm may still be there, the ride would be in the confines of a van, without the benefit of the exposure to the farm fresh air as we bounced along, seat- belt-free as Marty or "Big Fella" roughly navigated the country roads. And maybe it was a quarter to buy the big cone, today, bring a check book. I have trouble remembering where I put my keys this morning, but I remember these Wamsutta memories all too vividly...thanks to the Sleepers!

Jon Zaid said...

We were envious of the Joslin kids. They got all the coke and candy they wanted.