Saturday, August 13, 2011

MHA does CLABSI right

Here's a great step forward by the Massachusetts Hospital Association, a public presentation  of current data on the rate of central line associated bloodstream infections among its participating members. Here's the current chart:

Let's talk about what's good about this. First, the data are quite current, just a few months old.  Next, the monthly figures, which are subject to minor variations, are smoothed out with a three-month moving average, so you can see the trend.  Third, there are no punches pulled.  When the rate goes up, they say it.

Since each hospital knows it own rate, it can easily compare its progress to others in the state.  N0t for the sake of trying to attract more patients or for other kinds of marketing, but to act as a form of creative tension within the organization to do better. Now, that's the right kind of competition.

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Barry Carol said...

I wonder to what extent the hospitals with below average performance reach out to those that are doing well for help with and insight into how their process might be improved. Are the high performing hospitals willing to provide such help or do they view their performance as a competitive advantage that should be kept proprietary? Can hospitals that need some help even find out which hospitals are performing the best?