Monday, August 22, 2011

Eastern MA mushroom crop

At Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick
This has been an excellent growing season for mushrooms in Eastern Massachusetts, with lots of steamy warm weather.  They seem to pop up everywhere. I think Dr. John Halamka would tell me that these are all polypore mushrooms.  The one above was seen at the Massachusetts Audubon sanctuary in Natick.  The one below is growing out of a tree on Marshall Street in Brookline.

In Brookline
And the ones below, well, they are growing in my back door, which was poorly installed and wicked water into its core.  I think this is what is known as "Massachusetts grown . . . and fresher."  Pretty, but not enough for dinner.

On the back door


John Freedman said...

The first one, if it is growing on wood, is probably a polyporous sulphureus, commonly known as chicken of the woods. As the name implies, it is edible and quite tasty. The second one, harder to tell, but it is possibly the same. The one on you door, Paul, please don't eat it. It's a variety of shelf fungus commonly seen in dead and rotting wood.

Many other good ones are around. Expect more once the late summer rains hit. Enjoy!

Paul Levy said...

Thanks, John, my mushroom collecting only takes place at Whole Foods . . . .